Every space has unique qualities, be it your residence, retail outlet, office, conference room, or resto. When Kébecson visits you on-site, we can evaluate the parameters of every room, discuss your listening habits, and design your custom audio-visual environment. We can also work during the construction phase to make our work perfectly invisible. We can also help design your interior atmosphere by installing blinds, shutters, or drapes chosen from among 1500 environmentally safe and energy-efficient materials. Window dressings, combined with a thoughtful use of natural light, will not only create a perfectly illuminated environment, but also be energy efficient year-round. Whether you’re building or renovating, our team can work with you during the planning and construction phases to make the installation of your audio-visual or home-automation equipment perfectly invisible.


Whether for residential, commercial or your home cinema, our professionals will walk you through, whatever space you need to fill.